Since the inception of the first Snorri Program in 1999, the Canada Iceland Foundation has given a bursary to each Canadian Snorri to aid in financing their participation in the ‘Discover Your Roots in Iceland’ adventure.  Time and again, our Icelandic Canadian cultural community has seen how the returning Snorri participants have become more aware of their ties to their Icelandic heritage and culture. Many of them are now more engaged in making significant contributions to their home communities.  Their enthusiasm enriches us all.

To help the Foundation continue and expand this support, we are encouraging people in the Icelandic Canadian community to donate funds, to the extent they can, to the CIFI’s new fundraising initiative.  The Foundation has established a special ‘Snorri Fund’. The plan is to grow the fund’s principal and with that, continue to assist the Canadian young adults who are approved to attend the program each year.  In 2021, the Foundation received two generous donations from individuals that are forming the core of this fund.  We are appealing to all of you who are interested in helping us invest in the future of our collective communities by supporting the next generation of leaders in the Icelandic Canadian community organizations all across Canada.

Contact the the Foundation’s president by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an e-transfer donation to the Snorri Fund.
Donations of money or securities of any size are welcome and the gifts given today will ensure that the Foundation can continue its good work into future.